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Beautiful deerhound cross Ireland was found on a busy road in Ireland and was saved from being run over.  He already had a limp when found, so could have previously suffered a knock by a car.  He was taken home by his rescuer and cared for by her, and then by a volunteer from a rescue, until he found a home in England.  Aslan’s photo and details were put on the Greyhound and Lurcher website, and, not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in him.  Home offers were followed up and home checks done until a lovely home was found for him, and on a cold early spring weekend, Aslan was brought across the Irish channel on the ferry to his new home on the south coast, where he now lives very happily with his family and their lurchers Patch and Skippy. 

Here are some photos of Aslan in his new home. As you can see, he is a really happy, and much loved dog.

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